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Lash Extension Styles

Welcome to class! Today we are going over lash extension STYLES. When you come into an appointment for the first time, your lash artist will go through a consultation with you to determine what best suits your eye and lifestyle. We go over lengths, styles, diameter, type of set, and much more during the consult. Long and short lashes in different areas can give an illusion of a more open eye or a longer eye, depending on placement. The following are examples of using different lengths throughout the eye on the same model, Natalie, showcasing the different styles an artist can create and giving an illusion of different eye shapes.


This style follows the natural lash line. In general, our lashes are shorter on the inner corner of the eye. As we follow the eye to the outer corner, they gradually get longer and shorter on the most outer corner of the eye right under where the brow naturally creases down. If you are hesitant about which style suits you best, we usually recommend you start with a "natural shape" and then re-visit other styles during your second appointment.


The Cat-Eye is without question the most popular style one thousand percent! The Cat-Eye is longer on the outer corner of the eye and tapers down into a shorter length as you move into the inner corner, creating a foxy flip on the outer corner, giving a liner look and an illusion of a longer eye. One neat trick I recommend is using up to 6 lengths or more for a super dramatic look or 3-4 sizes for a slight Cat-Eye. The more lengths used, the more dramatic the look. In this set, I used 6 sizes. 14mm on the outer corners and continued sizing down until using 9mm for the inner corner.


When clients say they feel they have small eyes, I recommend the "Open Eye" look. This style, in particular, is described as a rainbow shape meaning the lashes are longer in the middle and shorter in both the inner and outer corners.


The "Doll Eye" shape means the lashes are the same length all around. In my opinion, this style is the most dramatic whether you decide on short lashes all around or long lashes all around. I want to point out that when it comes to choosing a length, a shorter length will give a fuller look and a darker lash line compared to a longer length, which will provide a more wispy look.

PRO TIP: When using this style with long lengths such as 15mm, I recommend making an exception in the most inner corner and advise you to go down shorter in length (maybe use 13mm in the inner corner). If the lash artist uses a super long size in the inner corner, there is a chance the lashes will clash into the nose and can cause discomfort to the client.

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