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How to care for Red irritated eyes after a Lash Extension service.

Eyes are so sensitive, and as Lash Artists, we take many necessary steps to help our clients have a positive experience with our service. But even with precautions and extra training, the unavoidable can happen sometimes. The following covers what causes bad reactions and irritated eyes and how to care for your eyes if this happens to you.

Several factors can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. The following are a few:

  • Incorrect taping method. Clients- if you feel discomfort regarding the taping process, let your Artist know. We will greatly appreciate your honesty and fix the taping to avoid the gel pad or tape digging into the eye. You will have a much more comfortable experience and not deal with the consequences later. Artists- doublecheck with your client to make sure they feel okay. You should always ensure your taping is on point for your client's safety and perfect taping helps you avoid "stickies" as well.

  • Open eyes during the service. Clients- Make sure your eyes are relaxed and FULLY CLOSED during the service. The adhesive we use has super strong fumes for our bare eyes. One of the reasons we ask for you to avoid opening your eyes for a text during the service is if the eyes are even the slightest open, the adhesive fumes are sure to irritate. Artists- ensure you educate your clients on Dos and Donts to avoid sensitivity and redness due to the adhesive's fumes.

  • Incorrect lash placement. Ouch, proper lash placement is a no-brainer. Licensed Lash Artists go through certifications and spend hundreds of hours perfecting their craft. Please do your research when looking for a Lash Artist. Many times redness and irritation can be easily avoided by simply going to a trained professional that provides quality work through good isolation and lash placement (at least 1mm away from the lash line/skin).

  • Sensitive eyes. The hard truth is that Eyelash Extensions are just simply not for everyone. You would maybe not be considered the best candidate for lash extensions if you constantly rub your eyes, if you generally have sensitive eyes, if your eyes get irritated quickly, or if your eyes don't close completely when you're laying for the service.

Here are some tips and tricks that may help red irritated eyes after an Eyelash Extension service:

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice as I am not a Doctor. If you are seriously injured and need medical advice, seek a Medical Professionals help*

  • Fan it out. If you find your eyes feel sensitive or stinging after the service, hold a fan up to your eyes for a few minutes until your eyes no longer sting or feel sensitive. I usually keep a fan on my clients eyes for a few minutes after every service before they open and sit up.

  • Eye Drops. Disposable one-time-use eyedrops are essential. These are easy to find at your local pharmacy in the eyecare aisle. I usually pick some up at target. Sometimes eyedrops are an easy fix. I recommend putting some in your client's eyes after the service while they're fanning if their eyes look red or if they feel super sensitive.

  • Flush your eyes out with water. If your eyes are still red and irritated after 1 hour, flush your eyes out with water. This will not negatively affect your lash retention but it will bring relief to your eyes. Some people fill a bowl with cool clean water and open their eyes in the bowl for a few seconds at a time for immediate relief.

  • Cold Compresses. If you feel like you can't help but want to rub your eyes, try holding a cold compress to your eye instead. This will help alleviate your rubbing sensation without the actual eye rubbing.

In closing, there are many ways to avoid this mishap as well as many possible solutions. At the end of the day, safety is what is most important. As these are only possible solutions and not actual cures, take the advice with a grain of salt and consult your physician or local Urgent Care for emergencies.

-Diana Ortega Vazquez

Founder of PPL Studio

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