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Halloween Costume Inspired Colored Lashes

The best part about Halloween is being able to dress up for fun as someone else for a night! This can be something done so last minute (the typical skeleton or cat costume) or have weeks of planning. If you like to go "all out" on this day, I have a fun suggestions for you!

This green and black lash combo is the perfect set to ask for to cosplay shego from Kim Possible. How to ask your lash artist for this set: "I'd like a volume full set. A dark black lash line on the bottom layer and neon green on the very top layer all around."

Im sure we can admit, Pikachu never gets old. To achieve a lash look with subtle yellow outer corners, ask your lash artist for a hybrid full set and have the artist finish with volume yellow lash fans at the very ends. Make sure the yellow fans at the end are slightly longer than the black lashes for a cat eye look.

HOLY SMOKES, can we agree this look gives off bad witch vibes! If you'd like to try a costume that gives "girl-power icon", This hex girl from the Scooby Doo series might be one to consider. Ask your lash artist for a short volume black base to give you a dark lash line and finish off with alternating black and red spikes.

We cant leave out a scandalous THAT GIRL set. If you're that girl that can pull off an all around ICY set, ask your lash artist for a white or light blue all around volume set. *sings the following in my head* "I don't care what they're going to say, the cold never bothered me anyway!"

As Rapunzels mother said " mother knows best, listen to your mother!" As your unofficial lash mom, I say take chances because halloween is only once a year and this is the perfect excuse to make bold moves. Ask your lash artist for a light purple volume cat-eye for a look similar to this!

Would you consider any of these? Let me know if you'd like a part 2. for more halloween costume inspired lash sets!

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