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make the most out of your luxury service


Protect your investment. Follow these Aftercare rules for the best retention. 


Use an OIL FREE lash cleanser to get the best results. Lather your fluffy cleansing brush with the Pretty Please Gentle Foaming Cleanser and run through your lashes. Brush them gently with a clean spoolie after gently patting dry for a refreshed fluffy look. Cleanse your lashes daily! Clean lashes are healthy lashes.

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no heat

Avoid the sauna and steam room for better retention. Heat will weaken the glue and cause lashes to fall out at a faster rate. If you work in a hot environment (outside in the sun, in a kitchen, etc...) or workout (gym, hikes, hot yoga, etc...) cleanse your lashes immediately after to rid of natural oils. 

no makeup 

Eye makeup contains oils that will ruin good retention. Mascara and eyeliner are a big no because they clump the extension lashes together and close the volume fans. Who needs mascara when your extensions give off BIG LASH ENERGY! If, for whatever reason, you do wear eye makeup on your extensions, use Pretty Please Gentle Foaming Cleanser to remove the makeup.

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